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Addiction - Chemical Dependency

Drug and Alcohol Addictions can be very challenging to overcome. Part of the challenge is psychological and part is biological. This Program can help with both by, first, laying the neurological groundwork for an addiction free life, and then providing the necessary psychological (and hypnotic) techniques to rid you of cravings and build healthier habits into your routines.

Research has shown that people with addictions become highly dependent on external substances to produce specific brainwave patterns. In fact, people who lack these patterns beforehand are more likely tobecome addicted than normal people. By stimulating these patterns, This Program is able to not only relieve your cravings but train your brain to produce these essential patterns on its own, giving you temporary relief while paving the way towards an addiction-free life.

It has been found that people with addictive personalities have a lack of specific brainwave activity in the Alpha band, meaning they have trouble relaxing and may feel constantly anxious and tense when not feeding their addiction. Research done using Alpha training during the 1980's yielded amazing results with a 70% success rate in a three year follow up. Henry Adams, Ph.D., of NIMH and head of the alcoholism programs at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, found that alcoholics showed a 55% decrease in alcohol consumption after a single session combined with a brief anti-alcohol suggestion.

Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback results in some 80% of those addicts properly trained becoming non-craving, healthy people with well adjusted neurochemistry (Peninston & Kulkosky, 1990).

The Neuro-Programmer 3 includes sessions specifically designed to fight addiction. Working on smoking, drug and alcohol addictions are common uses of This Program. There are also many hypnotic and psychological techniques which are time-tested and proven to work for this purpose.

Let This Program make your transition to an addiction-free life as gentle and easy as possible.