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Neurosky EEG Devices Lead The World of BCI

NeuroSky is the world leader in bringing BCI capabilities out of the laboratory and to the general public. Because of NeuroSky’s advances, anyone can now influence the functions of an electronic device by thought alone, in the privacy of their own home. Research institutions can collect previously unprecedented levels of field data on brain functions. And businesses can add BCI capabilities to their products.

NeuroSky devices are affordable, portable, and wireless. Most EEG based consumer devises on the market are essentially stripped down versions of medical EEGs. The core technology behind NeuroSky devices has been built from the ground up. This has allowed NeuroSky to inexpensively produce a chip that that filters out the ambient waves present in most uncontrolled conditions and effectively measures neural activity in virtually any condition with 96% the accuracy of similarly configured research grade EEGs.

A number of companies claim to have been the first to release a consumer based EEG. The first was actually produced by Interactive Product line. Though NeuroSky developed the first BCI device available to the general public under a thousand dollars, NeuroSky’s primary product is chips. These have been the basis for every commercially successful consumer BCI product every created. NeuroSky allows for companies with no experience in EEG based technology to effectively incorporate it into their products.