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Entrainment Embedded Into Music - Transparent Patented Advantage

Neuro-Programmer 3 is even able to effectively "embed" entrainment into any sound or music file, using a patented feature that is completely unique to Transparent software, called "frequency band selection."

This feature uses the basic entrainment principle of modulation, which involves rhythmically adjusting a component in the sound. For example, volume modulation would be used to increase and decrease the volume to create the rhythmic stimulus necessary for entrainment to occur. Other products actually use modulation as well, but the problem with modulation on its own is that it can often distort the audio, particularly when used with music or certain nature sounds like rain.

Frequency band selection solves this problem in an innovative way by selectively modulating certain parts of an audio file, instead of the entire file.

The image below will give you an idea of how this works- shown here is an outline of the approximate frequency ranges of various instruments. The brainwave entrainment is embedded into a lower frequency range only - affecting parts of the bass and cello, but leaving the viola and violin alone. In this example, the low frequncy portions of the music would be modulated to the degree needed to effectively produce entrainment, but the rest of the music would play normally.

The result is a piece of music that can powerfully affect the brain, while the audio suffers no negative effects and is still equally pleasant to listen to. Additionally, the effectiveness of the session is actually increased because this method allows for much higher intensity levels. This innovation marked a major advancement in the field, and we're very proud to hold the patent for this unique and exciting method.